Air Conditioning Filters

If you own an air conditioner, hopefully, you are aware of the fact that it has an air filter.  When it becomes completely clogged, HVAC Wilmington NC will not work s well. This disposable device helps keep harmful allergens, dirt, and pollution from entering your home. The more you use your AC, the more dirt and airborne agents the device will trap. After about a month of heavy use, a disposable model
should be removed, discarded, and replaced with a new one.

Possible Exceptions
While they do offer some obvious advantages, reusable models may not always be necessary. If for example, you are only renting a home for a short time, disposable devices will save you money. Sold in multi-packs at most hardware and home improvement centers, they are quite a bit cheaper than reusable filters.

No matter what option you take just be sure and take care of your air conditioning unit.  When it hot outside this summer you will thank me for this knowledge.

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