Boat Knowledge

Living in Wilmington, NC one of my finest pleasures is owning a boat!  Boat restoration Wilmington NC is a must know knowledge if you own a boat and live here.  Owning a boat comes with much responsibilities, it not as simple as just dropping your boat into the water and leaving it there.

If you own a boat, the winter time is a very important time to put extra care into your boat.  First, you must have your boat winterized.  This is where you drain any access water out of all engine and motor areas.  This is important because if you do not perform this process it can destroy your motor and or engine.

Another important task to perform is keeping your boat clean.  If you keep your boat in the water over the winter this is an important task.  While your boat remains in the water it continues to collect gook on the side of the boat.  This is especially true in salt water.  It is important to keep the sides clean because the gook can eat the paint off of your boat.

So owning a boat in the Wilmington, NC area is amazing, but it comes with lots of responsibility!



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