Understanding Hair Loss 

What is Hair Loss?


Nobody is exempt from the gradual loss of hair, it is common for men and women to lose hair in the range of about 50-100 hair strands a day. If you spot any type of patching in the hairline, there is a pretty good chance that your or somebody you know could very well be suffering from hair loss. 


There is a vast assortment of different causes behind the reality of hair loss, even women may notice some degree of hair loss after they have given birth. Stress is often considered one of the more widely known causes of hair loss.There are even some diseases and particular medications which play considerable roles in hair loss. 


What is the Cause of Hair Loss?


The fact that there is such a varied range of hair loss to the scalp, the process of identifying the particular type thinning can sometimes pose as a considerable challenge. For the most part, internal or systemic diseases or even employing an unsavory diet as suspected in earlier times. The central reason for hair loss is typically due to predisposed genetic factors such as with the family bloodline or matters of aging. 


Several men and women notice a light case of hair loss and often it is spawned from physiologic thinning of the hair which can usually start around the ages of about thirty and also in ranges up into the latter forties. Then there are times when issues and circumstances within the individuals life can bring about hair loss, such as bouts of intensive stress, changes in nutrition, illness and hormonal changes as well, which is usually a product of puberty, pregnancy and menopause which could very well end up becoming reversible. 


Then there are certain health disorders which cause hair loss such as iron deficiencies like anemia and thyroid disease as well. The employment of Thyroid Blood Tests and other like tests such as the complete blood count (CBC) is by in no means abnormal, when testing a patient with normal hair loss but it is when the hair loss is out of the ordinary when further testing should be done in the attempt to identify any underlying issues. If the concerns over underlining issues have become overwhelming, visiting your primary care doctor, gynecologist or internist for a screening which should be your very first responsibility


Doctors whose specialty is skin, nail and hair issues are Dermatologist and they can give the concerned patient a much more in depth diagnosis and specialized treatments for thinning hair and hair loss. On Occasion, a Dermatologist will employ a scalp biopsy on the patient in order to diagnose matters which are undetectable in the standard test.


Women vs Men in Regards to Hair Loss


Although not as prolific as men, woman in fact suffer from hair loss as a result of genetics but the patterns typically are in line with the diffuse pattern of hair loss as opposed to the frontal and crown patterns of hair loss in men. Womens likelihood is relatively the same in the case of physiologic thinning which usually occurs from elevated aging. 


What Exactly is Alopecia Areata?


Known as a common disorder, Alopecia Areata begins as what is described as a quarter-sized perfectly smooth circle. Patches of Alopecia can be treated and may even regrow sometimes in the time range of about 3-6 months. Occasionally, hair briefly regrows back as white patches when it may have been black in the past. 


Is an Itchy Scalp Connected to Hair Loss?


Itchy scalp can sometimes result in mild hair loss but virtually on every occasion the cases have been reversible. Causes of an itchy scalp could be due to seborrheic dermatitis, which everybody will recognize as the common disorder known as dandruff. There are several treatments, most of which come in the form of shampoo and many of those shampoos are available over the counter. 


What is Considered Hair Loss to Physicians?


There are several different ways to label hair loss but the need to evaluate the scalp first is a certainty in order to decipher if the hair loss is a result of the destruction to the scalp in the physical nature and a loss of actual hair follicles. If in the event that the scalp looks ideally normal, revealing a full structure of healthy follicles, this would likely be labeled non-scarring hair loss. On the opposite side of the spectrum, if the follicles look irreversibly destroyed, than this is always labeled scarring hair loss. In areas where the damage could be large or small and it is localized the scalp may be suffering from a combo of scarring and non-scarring hair loss.


What Treatments are There for Hair Loss in Men? 


As far as scientifically proven treatments for hair loss, they are few and far between but you will no doubt find countless treatments that remain unproven. Several shampoos, conditioners, vitamins and other supposedly active hair loss treatments and they all claim to induce some form of hair loss reducing properties. A popular brand of shampoo for hair loss is Nioxin but as of now there really hasn’t been any real official results as to if it is beneficial or not. All of these types of products show no harmful side-effects to the many who have used them but they also haven't been proven by science, which typically spells that the product is rendered useless when in fact it does the the opposite. 


Is There Any Prevention to Hair loss?


There is a considerable amount of elements which play a significant role in the prevention of hair loss and much of it has some sort of connection or another with an underlying cause. Applying good hygiene habits, such as shampooing everyday proves to be a beneficial step. Maintaining a nutritious diet, consuming higher levels of vitamin B and various other treatments to the Thyroid have also worked well throughout the years.


How About Other Options for Hair Loss?


There are several different alternatives and featured cosmetic treatments for hair loss. Some of the items employed are hairpieces, hair-fiber powders, synthetic wig, hair extensions, human hair wigs, surgery and laser treatments. Get a leaflet from www.leafletdistributioninlondon.com they are leaflet distributors in london


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